Become a Partner

Dear Potential Partner,

We hope this message finds you thriving in the business of helping your clients look and feel their best. We are excited to introduce you to Rejuvenate Hair, a brand dedicated to providing transformative hair fiber solutions for individuals experiencing thinning hair and balding. We would like to extend an exclusive partnership invitation to your esteemed establishment, as we believe that together we can create remarkable transformations and instill confidence in those seeking effective solutions for their hair loss. 

Rejuvenate Hair specializes in a range of premium quality hair fiber products designed to conceal thinning hair and bald spots. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputable standing, and we are now seeking exceptional barbershops and salons like yours to join forces with and offer our innovative solutions to a wider audience.

Partnering with Rejuvenate Hair brings numerous advantages that will elevate your business's success and enhance your clients' experience. Here are some compelling reasons to consider joining us:

  • Complimentary inventory and display materials: As a valued partner, you will receive our premium hair fiber products at no upfront cost. We will provide you with a carefully selected inventory tailored to your clients' needs. Additionally, we will supply you with eye-catching display materials to effectively showcase the products in your establishment.

Competitive commission structure: We believe in fostering mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. For every sale of Rejuvenate Hair products made through your salon, you will earn an enticing 20% commission. This commission structure ensures that your partnership with us is not only rewarding but also financially advantageous.

  • Empower your clients with transformative solutions: By offering Rejuvenate Hair's exceptional hair fiber products, you will empower your clients to instantly achieve the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. Our scientifically formulated fibers seamlessly blend with existing hair, concealing thinning areas and bald spots. Enhancing your clients' appearance and boosting their confidence will set your salon apart as a trusted destination for individuals seeking effective solutions.
  • Marketing and promotional support: We understand the importance of effective marketing and brand exposure. As a partner, you can count on us to provide marketing materials, promotional campaigns, and social media support to maximize your salon's visibility. Together, we will develop strategies that highlight our joint expertise and showcase the transformative benefits of Rejuvenate Hair products.
  • Training and educational resources: As a Rejuvenate Hair partner, you will have access to comprehensive training resources to ensure your staff members are well-versed in our products' application techniques and benefits. We will provide ongoing support, keeping you updated with the latest industry trends and insights to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

We genuinely believe that partnering with Rejuvenate Hair will unlock new opportunities for your salon and deepen your clients' trust in your expertise. By offering our transformative hair fiber solutions, you will establish your establishment as a go-to destination for individuals seeking effective remedies and personalized care.

To discuss this exciting opportunity further and explore how we can collaborate, we would be thrilled to schedule a meeting at your convenience. Please reach out to us at or Text/Call 850-851-9005. We are eager to answer any questions you may have and embark on a successful partnership with Rejuvenate Hair.

Thank you for considering this partnership opportunity. We look forward to the possibility of joining forces and offering transformative hair loss solutions to your valued clients with Rejuvenate Hair.